Capturing Impact

Our Recap of A Gathering of Leaders 2014

The Role of Technology in Improving Outcomes for Young Men of Color The session featured young leaders who have experienced successful tech “interventions” and discussed key ways to build opportunities, such as investing in new talent pipelines and forging partnerships between industry and CBOs.


Jabari Gray Youth Radio
Asha Richardson Youth Radio
Jareau Wade Balanced
Donta Jackson Youth Radio
Nishat Kurwa Youth Radio

Main Points

  • Innovation Lab, a Youth Radio program, is focused on the creation of mobile-based apps as a way to get youth interested in technology early on.
  • We should promote the creation of apps that engage the community (example: the Forage City app allows people to share backyard fruit in the community.)
  • There needs to be an earlier broader exposure to the uses of technology, including multimedia production, coding, and app development.
  • Ensure youth are doing something that they are genuinely interested in.
  • Youth need to be able to use their skill set in a number of different ways and in a number of different jobs. "It’s all about a fluid skill set.”