Capturing Impact

Our Recap of A Gathering of Leaders 2014

The Moral Imperative of the Work A discussion about the relevance of morality and ethics in efforts to improve outcomes for boys and men of color, and how the “moral imperative” can serve as both motivation and mandate.


Pastor Michael McBride PICO-Lifelines to Healing
Darnell Moore YOU Belong
Father Greg Boyle Homeboy Industries
Jerry Tello National Compadres Network
Marcus Littles Frontline Solutions
Maisha Simmons Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Main Points

  • Morality must be discussed by the doers of the work because it sets the tone and establishes a foundation from which to build.
  • Our work remains grounded in our personal and ancestral histories and awareness of our interconnectedness.
  • We must reframe problems as investment opportunities in people and in community.
  • This work is lived. It does not end when we leave the office or clock-out.

Standout Quotes

"How is it possible for us as service providers to work through morality when we operate in a society that profits off immorality?" Jerry Tello
"The only way to erase the margins is to stand in them." Father Greg Boyle
"We must develop a proclamation that challenges us to remember that we belong to one another. . . . I cannot be free if my brother or sister are not free." Pastor Michael McBride
"We don’t talk about morality enough. We don’t talk about ethics. But sometimes that is a strong talking point of the individuals and organizations lifting up the very systems we are trying to combat.
Marcus Littles
"If you want peace & justice, you must work for kinship." Father Greg Boyle
"This work requires self-reflection and self-transformation. This work can’t just end at 5 pm." Darnell Moore
"Young people need to know their authentic self so they don’t operate from their oppressed self." Jerry Tello