Capturing Impact

Our Recap of A Gathering of Leaders 2014

Tech Entrepreneurship as an Opportunity Builder This session demystified what tech is and explored the development and expansion of tech entrepreneurship opportunities for men of color.


Cedric Brown Kapor Center for Social Impact
Justin Davis Kapor Center for Social Impact
Mario Lugay Kapor Center for Social Impact
Brian Dixon Kapor Center for Social Impact
Travis McCready The Boston Foundation
Gregorio Rojas Sabio
Mike Green ScaleUp America

Tech Entrepreneurship

  • “Fosters healthy competition and dynamism in a global economy” (Quoting Larry Summers, Economic Policy Council).
  • Will continue to grow.
  • Creates jobs and hopefully wealth.
  • Encourages a set of diverse entrepreneurs to address diverse issues.

Knowing Your Local Innovation Ecosystem Can

  • Change the economic narrative.
  • Promote inclusive competitiveness.
  • Connect economic disconnected communities to local tech ecosystems.

Key Strategies

  • To train tech entrepreneurs, get young people to learn coding/software development and entrepreneurship possibilities.
  • Take advantage of fellowship programs. They have a mutually beneficial relationship with fellows and rely on placing them.
  • Change the thinking of local innovation systems to include STEAMED—Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, Entrepreneurship, Design.
  • Connect talent pipeline to mentorship and infrastructure.
  • Form a relationship with the alumni office at MIT, Georgia Tech, CalTech.

Action Steps

  • Conduct an analysis of the innovation spaces in your community in order to 1) create awareness, 2) map recognizable areas, and 3) create impact investment areas.

Standout Quotes

"Sometimes you have to hire for potential. Focus on someone who can deliver and has the potential to grow into the role." Gregorio Rojas
"Create a pipeline. Build our own. Spend time at the boot camps." Brian Dixon
"Fundamentally we need to eject from our consciousness that our target population is incapable of being tech entrepreneurs. Having a coach may be the most efficient way. But what we consistently see is that our black and brown boys are capable." Travis McCready