Capturing Impact

Our Recap of A Gathering of Leaders 2014

Economic Justice and the Innovation Economy A salon session featuring a diverse cross-section of leaders who offered concrete public and private-sector strategies to improve the economic well-being of our nation’s sons and brothers.


Marc Philpart PolicyLink
Evelyn Burnett Cleveland Neighborhood Progress
Brett Jones Evergreen Cooperative Corporation
Decker Ngongang Echoing Green
Rhonda Tsoi-A-Fatt Bryant Center for Law and Social Policy
Alicia Criado National Council of La Raza
Tim Rainey California Workforce Investment Board

Main Points

  • By 2043, the nation will be majority of color. We have to create the conditions by which all of our young people can participate in our economy and prosper. When we think about our boys and men of color, these are the people we need to rely on in the new economy.
  • How do we bring people out of the shadows and into the economy so that they can prosper? We need to build an all-in economy.
  • The innovation economy and wealth creation is an opportunity to create ownership for BMOC. We have to localize ownership and job creation. Impact happens when we stick money in the pockets of citizens who can make and spend money locally.

Policy Advocacy

  • Local communities need to become the voice for addressing policy at the national level, and when you're forming policy, you have to think about how it will fit with the private sector.
  • Equity translates into economy growth. Communities that have greater equity have greater economic growth over time. It takes a movement. The movement needs to rally around something. We need big ideas that can galvanize people’s attention.

Standout Quotes

"Not only is the moral fabric of our country in jeopardy, but our ability to compete globally is also at risk. When we think about our boys and men of color, these are the people we need to rely on in the new economy." Marc Philpart
"Next-gen leaders need the opportunity to engage and test their ideas within real systems. Not just funding them, but putting them in front of groups and teaching them how to navigate different fields." Decker Ngongang